Christmas at CIW 2006

December 23-25, 2006

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Greetings from the host

Some people would have fled in terror--we just assumed he was happy and started hauling in our stuff.

The fridge was full...

So we made use of Mother Nature's natural cooling capacity.

Kathy Prepares

Before heading out to find the perfect Christmas tree, Joe brings in a few things to help Kathy prepare.

Tree Hunt

The first order of business is to hunt for the right Christmas tree. Here we are, heading out en masse to find it.

Properly prepared, of course

Different folks had different methods of preparation. Note the various brightly colored jackets, the snow boots, the hand-knit angora hat Kathy is wearing, and of course, the liquid libations some of us thought to bring. :)

This one?

Joe made it to the end of the driveway before choosing a likely candidate. Not that one, Joe. Good beer, though.

Buddy is experienced at finding the right tree

He went ahead of the group, scouting the perfect tree. NO! NO! Buddy...we're not looking for THAT kind of tree!

The girls...

Are either checking for cell phone coverage or contemplating making snow angels. You be the judge.

Winter Wonderland

It's beautiful at the cabin. The snow clings to the branches and really made it a sight to behold. It also made it hard to see the true nature of the trees underneath!

At long last...

the perfect tree is selected and Lumberjack Kathy sets about cutting it down. The picture you don't see is the tree falling toward her able assistant, Don, dumping a load of snow on his head and down his collar.

Flushed with victory

Kathy stands with her prize. Note the lovely (if mismatched) knitted items on loan from yours truly: The Swan hat, knitted in the Bohus tradition; the Rimini Rainbow scarf; and the funky felted mittens made as a group project from last winter's fiber retreat. (She's also wearing Jodi's boots).

Once the tree was inside and dried

the decorating commenced. It had to be decorated. Once the snow was off, it was easy to see that the tree was a little...well...spindly. It made Charlie Brown's tree look pretty good actually. The "pose for the pictures" activities also commenced. Here's Ardie in front of the tree.

And the siblings

Ardie, Joe, Judy, and Kathy

The girls and their aunties

Kathy, Jodi, Ardie, and Bethany

And Don and Judy

the rest of my indoors shots didn't turn out all that well.

I woke up too early the next morning

So I wandered outside to take a few sunrise pictures. Here's one of the view from the lake side of the cabin, over the dock.


It was so pretty...and not very cold, either!

OK, one more

Then I gotta go in for my coffee!

I lied

Here's one from the dock, looking at the cabin from the lake

And don't forget the nature walk!

Here we are, stomping off through the woods on a nature walk.

During which we had to pause for pictures

Here's a nice one of Joe and Ritie

Photo op on ice

I took a picture of Joe and Ardie taking pictures of Don, Kathy, and Ritie.