Pictures from class with Larry Scott

November 3-7, 2006

Ms Flash

Nancy working at her personal workstation

Japanese Trowel

I want one of these...oh Santa!

Marvering ribbon cane

Larry finished encasing and is now marvering and preparing to heat and pull the ribbon cane.

Blurry pic of the ribbon cane

In Swedish flag colors, no less!

Making a chevron pattern

Using canes that were twisted in different directions to create an optical illusion.

Demo Byzantine bead and Linear Thin Encasing

This is the reduction flame Larry uses

Making the tortoise shell bead

Note the Hershey's Kisses of K218?

Getting ready to twist the dots

The tortoise shell bead and the hobnail bead

Aqua and silver

One stage along the way. You could stop here but Larry added red dots and Kugler bosses.