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Good heavens!

In which I attempt a return to blogging. […]

Fruits of my labor…

Just a drive-by posting to show off the fruits of my labor at the torch yesterday. Well, only the good ones. The rest were warm-up beads or to sample color combinations. In other words, “Bottom of the Lake” beads. My finger is fine today…just […]

Ow ow ow!

I finally found some time to torch. Since it’s been a while, I warmed up by making a couple small beads, just to check color combos. Then I tried to see if I can still make a decent flame bead. Flame beads are the some of the hardest beads I make. Not […]

Fiber fun…or not?

In one of the recent sneakups at The Loopy Ewe I bought a package of fiber to spin. It looks like this:

The color is Burn and it was dyed by Lone Star Arts and it’s Superwash Merino. I love spinning merino wool but I haven’t tried spinning Merino. I’m thinking that […]

PT and Chihuly

In which I stop and admire pretty things. […]

Another back in time post…

I’m still playing catch up. So in January I went to a retreat. Not just any retreat….a fiber retreat. In all its fibery goodness. There were a mixture of attendees, the common thread (get it? I slay myself) being that we all love fibers in one form or another. Now I’m the queen of […]

Saturday Fun

On Saturday, DH dropped me off at my friend Doris’ house on his way to Park Rapids to visit his dad.  Doris and I planned to do some fun stuff and then she’d be taking me to the airport on Sunday so I could fly to Orlando for work.  As […]

Leave a little for the birds!

Just after reading Pharmaknits’ blog, I walked upstairs and looked out the kitchen window. We have an active (and well fed) battalion of marauders squirrels in our back yard. No cake of suet is safe, and it took a couple tries before we found a bird feeder that could keep them from eating all the […]

One of us is saved and one of us goofed.

The lost hat it found..DH can move out of the Man Garage. And I broke my blog […]

Not turning a new leaf yet..

…but making progress. Still trying to work out finding time to blog and manage the rest of my life. […]