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The best intentions (or why I can’t finish my WIPs before starting something new)

What can I say? I’m incorrigible? I tried to behave and finish my works in progress (WIPs). I finished Round Trip sweater from Knitters magazine and the fishtail scarf from the Lace for All Seasons Yahoo Group. Haven’t blocked them (another of my downfalls). But the knitting is done and the ends are woven in…that […]

I’m working on it!

The great grape scarf is finished! I still need to block it, but the knitting is done and the ends are woven in–that’s as far as I usually go, but I’m trying to become a disciplined blocker, as well. I have my heros to look up to, you know. And I’ve been steadily plugging away […]

On finishing. . .

I have a short attention span.

Perhaps that’s why I have an overstuffed Scary Craft Room and varous other nooks and crannies. The place is filled to the rim with tools and supplies I need to do silversmithing, knitting, spinning, bobbin lace, rug hooking, quilting, sewing (garment style), basket making, weaving, and oh yeah….glass bead […]

Hello world!

Cheesy, isn’t it? My first blog title. And I haven’t read any of the documentation yet, so I haven’t a clue as to what I’m doing yet…but I’ll learn. So in this space, expect to see some blathering about what’s happening in my life. There’ll be a good amount of fiber-related posting: I’m a spinner, […]