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Diet Friendly Pumpkin Bread

I’m sharing a recipe I got from somewhere and modified to make it Weight Watchers(R) friendly. Honestly–you can make this bread and serve it to anyone and if YOU don’t tell them it’s “diet” food, they will.not.know. I’m not lyin’!

Low Fat/Fat Free Pumpkin Bread POINTS® Value: 2 (I entered the recipe in the Weight […]

100 things

I totally nicked this (with permission) from Quelle Erqsome’s blog–with her permission (well, she said she nicked it and encouraged others to nick it from her). 🙂 Things from this list that I’ve done are in bold text. Grab the list and blog your own!

1. Started my own blog 2. Slept under the stars […]

Nerd, Geek, or Dork?

After reading Pharmaknit’s latest blog post, I took the same test she took. Turns out I’m:

Pure Nerd 74 % Nerd, 39% Geek, 43% Dork

Here’s the test.

So? What are you?

I have things to say….

in which I whine about traveling […]

I did….did you?

Get out the vote! […]

Isn’t she lovely?

cue Stevie Wonder

OK, I know every new grandma on the planet thinks her grandchild is the cutest, but seriously, could she be any cuter??? I mean, most babies are all squinchy when they come out but look!

She’s perfect! She has a little bit of […]

Helping Plurkers show their stuff

There were a number of plurkers who were having trouble posting pictures from YouTube, so I created this short tutorial. It’s my first YouTube experience and I’m a little dismayed at how the quality changed between what I uploaded and what YouTube processed, but it is still clear enough for folks to learn:


Fruits of my labor…

Just a drive-by posting to show off the fruits of my labor at the torch yesterday. Well, only the good ones. The rest were warm-up beads or to sample color combinations. In other words, “Bottom of the Lake” beads. My finger is fine today…just […]

Ow ow ow!

I finally found some time to torch. Since it’s been a while, I warmed up by making a couple small beads, just to check color combos. Then I tried to see if I can still make a decent flame bead. Flame beads are the some of the hardest beads I make. Not […]

Apparently, I’ve been lax….


Well, OK.  That might be an understatement.  My friends think I should be a better blogger.  I do too.  But sometimes my life gets in the way and little things slow me down.  In this case, it’s some of each.  So, I’ll get started and maybe hammer out […]