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My scary office

I work from home. I also have my own computer, a couple printers (including a laser printer I got because I did a lot of printing in my last job and I wanted duplex capabilities). And the router, a dual-line phone, lots of pens, papers, a big screen (saves me when I have to work […]

Another back in time post…

I’m still playing catch up. So in January I went to a retreat. Not just any retreat….a fiber retreat. In all its fibery goodness. There were a mixture of attendees, the common thread (get it? I slay myself) being that we all love fibers in one form or another. Now I’m the queen of […]

Celebration, Pain, and Connection

If you’ve been reading along, you know that my father-in-law passed away a couple weeks ago and was buried on March 14. What I didn’t write about was the fact that my sister-in-law’s birthday was March 15. We were gathering at my father-in-law’s home on the 12th to take care of business, do […]

Because I can’t pass up a quiz….

My friend Barbara posted the results of one of the many “who am I?” quizzes. It looked like fun so I tried it.

Which Pooh character are you?

Indulgence is not a bad word as far as you’re concerned, your confidence in being yourself is what matters more than all that.The most loyal of friends […]

Saturday Fun

On Saturday, DH dropped me off at my friend Doris’ house on his way to Park Rapids to visit his dad.  Doris and I planned to do some fun stuff and then she’d be taking me to the airport on Sunday so I could fly to Orlando for work.  As […]

RIP Donald Fearn, Sr.

All my bags are packed….

Well, my ONE bag is packed (and my laptop bag). Since Northwest lost my bag when I went to Orlando for my new hire orientation, I’ve been somewhat reluctant to check bags, so I’m learning to pack light. I will probably get there and find I have no underwear or only one shoe…I’m like that […]

Leave a little for the birds!

Just after reading Pharmaknits’ blog, I walked upstairs and looked out the kitchen window. We have an active (and well fed) battalion of marauders squirrels in our back yard. No cake of suet is safe, and it took a couple tries before we found a bird feeder that could keep them from eating all the […]

Morning Visitor

Oh look! I had a visitor this morning. As I was just starting down the stairs to my office, open laptop in one hand, coffee carafe and cup in the other, I spotted something in the tree. I gently backed into the kitchen and tried to remember where my camera was…In my office, of course. […]

Alright, alright already!

Last Wednesday, I was having a bad day.  A really bad day.  There’s a lot of stuff going on these days that creates a certain degree of stress.  Not all stress is bad stress, but even good stress can be overdone!  And the combination of too much of  both, coupled […]