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Fiber fun…or not?

In one of the recent sneakups at The Loopy Ewe I bought a package of fiber to spin. It looks like this:

The color is Burn and it was dyed by Lone Star Arts and it’s Superwash Merino. I love spinning merino wool but I haven’t tried spinning Merino. I’m thinking that […]

Is it just me???

Or does this look like the pictures in the biology book when the little swimmer wins the race and enters the egg???

Ahhhhhhh…… Dare I say it? Spring arrives?

In which I wax poetic about the arrival of warmer weather. […]

PT and Chihuly

In which I stop and admire pretty things. […]

Technically Correct…

Since Hubby surprised me with cake and presents on Sunday, March 30, and my actual birthday was on Monday, March 31, the candles on the cake were technically correct…for a few more hours. I like his choice of candles: 49?

Nope. Not 49. Not any more. I’m 50 and proud of it. It […]

Blog was broken….all better now

Actually, the blog was fine, but the host had to clamp down to defeat a DOS attack over the weekend…and hadn’t gotten to bringing up my database. No problemo….when he brought it back up, he also upgraded my WordPress to the latest version. Should make photos more fun. I have a bunch of blogs in […]