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They’re done!

The socks from hell are completed. I still hate them. Note to self: When you start knitting a pattern that doesn’t trip your trigger–STOP! Rip it out and do something—anything else. Yeesh. Think I’ll cast on a Nanner now.

4 comments to They’re done!

  • Yippee!! I have crossed my 15th cable on the sweater of doom. And I’m starting to feel short on yarn…

  • knit fast so you don’t run out?

  • Jenny

    I always do that too… but no matter how fast I go, I can’t ever catch the tail end of the yarn before it disappears.
    Judy, I still think you’re crazy for not ripping out the first sock and doing something else with the yarn. Remember that cotton cabled sweater with the bell sleeves? I knit the body for that at least 3 or 4 times, and I even wore it in its final incarnation a few times. The yarn is now all in balls in my stash waiting for me to do something with it that I really like. It’s never too late to rip out something you hate! 🙂

  • Aw heck, I’ve already forgotten them and have already knit part of the foot of my first Nanners sock (part of it was knit twice, but we won’t go in to that).

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